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Open bite malocclusion: An overview

Rohit Kulshrestha*, Mohamed Abdul Wajid, Pratik Chandra, Kamlesh Singh, Ramji Rastogi and Vinay Umale

Published: 12 January, 2018 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 011-020

The term open bite is referred as no contact between anterior or posterior teeth. The complexity of open bite is attributed to a combination of skeletal, dental and habitual factors. Etiology of open bite can be attributed to genetics, anatomic and environmental factors. However, the tendency toward relapse after conventional or surgical orthodontic treatment has been indicated. Therefore, open bite is considered one of the most challenging dentofacial deformities to treat. The aim of this article is to emphasize that early etiological diagnosis, dentofacial morphology and classification are essential to the successful outcome of the technical intervention. Failure of tongue posture adaptation subsequent to orthodontic and/or surgical treatment might be the primary reason for relapse of open bite. Prolonged retention with fixed or removable retainers is advisable and necessary in most cases of open bite treatment. The treatment of open bite remains a tough challenge to the clinician; careful diagnosis and timely intervention with proper treatment modalities and appliance selection will improve the treatment outcomes and long-term stability. 

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Open bite; Malocclusion; Aetiology


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