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Periodontal suturing, data on selection criteria

Ilma Robo*, Saimir Heta, Migerta Cafaj, Sonila Robo and Eduart Kapaj

Published: 27 July, 2022 | Volume 7 - Issue 2 | Pages: 010-013

Periodontal suturing beyond the surgical elements it provides precedes the selection of the type of suture versus the fact that it is manipulated with periodontal soft tissue. This fact is the basic element in the selection of the type of suture indicated for use and the way of suturing, which in the periodontal surgeon with experience is performed instinctively without thinking.
The article is of the review type, bringing a summary of the published data about the suturing method needed for the periodontal application.
Conclusion: The type of suture indicated as a primary indication has a clinical case that is indicated based on clinical diagnosis, but the selection of suture type depending on the material or needle is performed based on the clinical area conditioned by minimal manipulation space and the possibility of laceration of periodontal tissue.

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Suturing; Periodontal; Type of technique; Review


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